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Winer 2018

Building Your Financial Portfolio On $50 A Month - turn $50 into $100,000 and do it safely
Only book in the world that explains this method of investing that no broker will ever tell you about. Based on best-selling book, learn how to turn $25 a month into $100,000 in 10 years without using any broker by investing in safe secure stocks that are historically proven to be recession proof.  Plus what is happening economically and in the stock market and how that will affect your own pocket book.  Most schools charge about $49 for this class but it does vary depending on the school.  Call the listed phone number to register or contact us at 916-662-3688 or email us at  Books are for sale at classes at discounted prices.
"Since Friday the stock market has plunged over 1100 points but my stock is fine!..great strategies." (C Spivek, Los Angeles)

Jan 23 - Glendale, CA, Glendale Community College, 6pm-9pm, 818-240-1000
Jan 24 - Costa Mesa CA, Orange Coast College, 6pm-9pm, 714-432-5993
Jan 25 - Pasadena CA, Pasadena City College, 6pm-9pm, 626-585-7608
Jan 27 - Modesto, CA, Modesto Junior College, 9am-Noon, 209-575-5053
Jan 29 - Saratoga, CA, West Valley College, 6pm-9pm, 408-741-4612
Jan 31 - Santa Rosa, CA, Santa Rose College, 6pm-9pm, 707-527-4372
Note - January dates are tentative as we are adding more locations shortly

Annual Urban Farming Day

As we have sold our Sacramento home and are now in Arizona, watch for this special event coming this year and now in Arizona. 

Writing & Publishing Your 1st Book (or 7th) - Over 4,000 people now have their books in print from this class! Learn how to complete your manuscript in 6 weeks in 10 easy steps, how to submit to a publisher, self-publish or ePublish, and how to sell your book before you have even finished writing it.  (WP) denotes only Writing & Publishing with some marketing offered as time allows.  $15 material fee payable at class includes book and free consulting at any time. 

Jan 27 - Modesto, CA, Modesto Junior College, 1pm-5pm, 209-575-5053
Jan 30 - Santa Rosa, CA, Santa Rose College, 6pm-10pm, 707-527-4372
Note - January dates are tentative as we are adding more location shortly

Fly Fishing For Fun
Learn everything from what rods, reels, lines, and flys to use to actually going outside to practise casting with everything from very cheap to very expensive rods so you will know what you want to use.

Jan 27 -  Modesto, CA, Modesto Junior College, 1pm-4pm, 209-575-5053

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