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Investing made easy, fun and safe!

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Are you afraid of investing because you lost your money in the recession
or heard horror stories from those who did?

FACTS you should know -
- The American stock market has been proven historically to be safer then your bank if you use it correctly.
- You could have had your money growing at 50% or more each year throughout the recession if you understood how the market and the economy work.
- Although the average pension plan in this country lost 50% or more in value during the recession, companies like Johnson & Johnson only lost 9% and gained back that loss within two months of the end of the recession.
- If you had invested $100 in Church & Dwight (makers of Arm & Hammer products) 20 years ago, that $100 would now be worth over $100,000.
- You can invest in the safest, largest growth companies in the world without using a stock broker.

"We just wanted to let you know that we took your investing class 10 years ago and have been getting your newsletter ever since.  We have been following everything you say and our investments are now worth over $90,000 even with the recession!"  (John & Sharon Curry, Independence, MO)

We can guarantee you that no one in the world can predict the future of the stock market.  It does not matter what numbers or formulas or software they are using, it cannot be done.  But we DO guarantee that ANYONE can easily look at what a company has done over the past 10, 20 or even 100 years to see if this company has a good safe history of growth.

We can also guarantee that you will not get rich quick with this method of investing.  People who get rich quick also lose it quickly.  But we can guarantee that you can invest with very little money in safe companies that have been proven to grow and prosper even in a difficult economy and provide you and your family with financial security for the rest of your life.

All you have to do is one thing - - read an entertaining easy-to-understand book OR
attend a class with the Christensen's (click on Seminars above)
and learn how to turn $50 a month into $100,000 or more in just 10 years.


What readers are saying -

"I recently purchased your new 4th edition of "Top 50 Best Stock Investments".  Great book!"  
(David Kogan, Chicago)

"I was expecting complicated mathematical analyses, trend indicators, market indices, and convoluted calculator work.  Instead I gained a lot of insight as to why a broker I no longer use was so anxious to populate my account with his stock picks and religiously stir it every quarter!"  (Bruce Chopper, Glendale, AZ)

"Everyone should read this book!  Keep from making costly errors plus learn how to invest safely."  9Pat Gommyales, Twin Falls, ID)

"We took another class on investing that was four times as long and costly and we really learned very little.  The information that you shared was something we have been seeking for years.  We cannot thank you enough for all your research and diligence to distill what you have learned over many years into a very accessbile class and book."  (Jenny Watters, Portland, OR)

"I have read a lot of stock investment books and yours is the best and the most straight forward."  (Jessica Holliday, Washington DC)

"...the best and most down to earth financial information I have ever seen."  (Dotti Eichelberger, New York)

"Simply the best investment book yet!"  (On-The-Money financial book review)

"This book gave insight beyond my senior-level investment class in college.  A great book."  (Shem Patterson, Phoenix, AZ)

"I am a CPA.  Since your class I have started using your materials and investing at a personal level.  Most of my clients are small businesses and they have little money left to invest.  Your system is exactly what my clients need.  Thank you so much for the opportunity you are providing people who are not wealthy and have little disposable income.  It even works for wealthy people!  I know that brokers are not interested in us and, if we try to invest with small funds, they end up eating up profits with fees so we never get ahead."  (Francis Frost, Boerne, TX)

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