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It's a miss-mash of different thoughts from what is going on in the news to gardening, from investing to making money, and a lot in between.  I'm new to this so be easy on me but I am learning and any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Hey, I'm proud because I just learned how to paste a photo into it!
What BooksAmerica does -

   The way to make your life worthwhile is to help others and you do that with whatever you are good at.  I am a writer and speaker with an expertise in economics so I want to help others live a financially secure life.  
   I and my husband, Eric, are not brokers or financial planners and have no services to sell you.  But we do have very important information that every American should be aware of.  For instance, you can have safety AND growth in the stock market and you can avoid most broker fees by investing in companies that have a cash purchase program.  
   If you want to know about our books (including some that are not financial), click on "Book Store" above.  If you would like to attend a fun yet extremely informative class with us, click on "Seminars" above.  And we are always here to answer any questions you have.

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Our NEW Blog

Okay, I'm new at this but I am attempting to create a blog at the above address.  If things go according to plans, it will be a place to teach you about investing, gardening, raising chickens, traveling, cooking and all sorts of things I love doing and that I hope you will get some good ideas from.  Go there now to find out Why We Are Moving To Arizona.

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